Project Description

In 2006, the Office of Minority Health conceived the National Partnership to Action (NPA), an initiative to build a nation-wide coalition of minority health care providers that would communicate, share, and work collaboratively to improve minority health outcomes. PSA was selected to plan and manage inaugural meetings and planning events for the NPA. Our work initially consisted of site selection, contract negotiation, program management, audiovisual technology provision, on-site support, and other associated meeting functions for events ranging from small, advisory panel events to a National Stakeholder Summit that attracted thousands.

The scope of work grew and changed dramatically over the years. In addition to the extensive logistical support provided by PSA, we are now material partners in the NPA and sit on the NPA Implementation Workgroup. PSA provides subject matter expertise on minority health disparities and outcomes, allowing the NPA and OMH to produce several white papers and reports on issue-centric topics. Most recently, this has included health disparity challenges for American Indian/Alaskan Native populations and disparity topic areas such as sickle cell anemia and the opioid epidemic. PSA also provides training and technical assistance to our regional NPA partner workgroups, called Regional Health Equity Councils (RHECs). In January 2014, PSA launched a suite of websites so that all the RHEC members could virtually collaborate with each other, as well as see what all other RHECs were doing at the same time. PSA manages these websites, ensuring user access and stability of the platform. PSA has also piloted the launching of virtual project management tools within the NPA, ensuring that the OMH and NPA leadership are able to stay fully apprised of all communications, milestones, objectives, goals, tasks, activities, and assignments. Finally, PSA provides communications technical assistance and product design. We wrote the style and media guidebooks for the overall NPA, which include “elevator pitches” and stock text pieces to use when discussing the NPA between partners and with the public at large. We designed the overall graphical look of the NPA, visible on OMH’s website.

PSA built an extensive portfolio of support experience and product development on behalf of OMH and the NPA. Our efforts touched on every facet of NPA strategic development and operational deployment. Some of our key accomplishments include the following:

  • Logistics/Program Support/Strategic Planning
  • Advisory Committee on Minority Health
  • HHS American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) Health Research Advisory Council
  • Implementation of Tribal Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  • NPA American Indian/Alaska Native Caucus
  • NPA Communications—Infographics, Websites, Newsletters, Webinars, Blog Posts
  • NPA Technical Assistance—Regional Blueprints, Environmental Scans, Issue Briefs
  • Partnership Development and Program Support
  • Grant Program Site Visits, Analysis and Reporting
  • Communications Outreach: National Observance of the 30th Anniversary of OMH
  • Implementation of Men’s Health Community Listening Sessions
  • National CLAS Strategies in the Medical Community