Clinical Trials


We are committed to helping each patient get the treatment and care they need. We are proud to have worked with agencies like the NIH throughout every stage of clinical trials.

PSA’s subject matter experts in medicine, epidemiology, and biostatistics include health outcomes researchers with years of practical experience and advanced academic training. Our helpdesk has supported more than 40,000 investigators in 11,000 hospitals, cooperatives, and academic institutions as they work to improve the lives of cancer patients.

You can rely on us to facilitate the distribution of agents, streamline review processes, assist with FDA audit reports, screen and manage requests for confidential information, and prepare service agreements, too.

PSA’s experts are committed to helping each patient get the care they need.

“PSA is so good to us. It meant a lot to the patient to be able to be treated today.”

— Pharmacist-in-Charge, Investigational Drug Service, Washington University