Translation & Interpretation


PSA’s international language professionals are ready to deliver rapid-response translation of your documents, meeting collateral, and marketing materials with a proven annual capacity of greater than one million words in more than 40 languages. We source interpreters and translators who are subject matter experts in fields ranging from broad, complex topics like international law and trade to specific, highly detailed industries like individual fields of medicine. With such deep knowledge of their subjects, our translators are able to provide accurate and thorough translations around even the most intricate topics.

Our expert team can provide simultaneous interpretation services in the U.S. and throughout the world as well as VIP interpretation for dignitaries and distinguished participants. In-country interpreters ensure PSA provides cost-competitive and 100% accurate interpretation services.

PSA’s language professionals are subject matter experts in international law, trade, medicine, and more.

“PSA provided the simultaneous interpretation services that enabled an incredibly smooth and professional event and a highly productive dialogue with our Brazilian counterparts. This bilateral workshop had been a top priority for us since before I joined the agency. The outcomes exceeded our expectations.”

— International Trade Specialist, U.S. International Trade Administration