Project Description

Each year, the GSA SmartPay® program office hosts a three-day conference to train agency card program managers in policies and procedures under the GSA SmartPay contracts and to provide a forum where agency representatives can receive training from the GSA SmartPay contractor banks and other organizations authorized by GSA.  The conference is attended by government Agency/Organization Program Coordinators (A/OPCs), billing office personnel, GSA SmartPay contractor banks and other organizations authorized by GSA, and GSA financial, policy and procurement personnel.  The location of the conference varies from year to year and attracts between 3,000 and 4,000 attendees (historically has hit upwards of 6,000).

PSA provided conference planning and management services for the 2001-2004, 2009, and 2011 GSA SmartPay Annual Training Conferences. We are currently planning the 2017 SmartPay event and will also execute all Forums to come through 2021 under a brand new 5 year contract just executed with the GSA.

PSA managed the activities of over 40 exhibitors and also: coordinated all kick-off and planning meetings throughout the project life cycle; negotiated and finalized hotel and convention center contract arrangements with the selected venues resulting in meeting room rental fees being waived at the associated venues (PSA negotiated agreements with selected target venues and CVBs to establish favorable positions for subsequent contract negotiations for future conferences); worked with 12 overflow hotels on arrangements; managed travel and reimbursements for sponsored participants; distributed materials to conference attendees; developed and posted a Section 508-compliant webpage hosted on GSA SmartPay servers that included a robust online registration option; coordinating and staffing on-site registration, as well as other on-site meeting management functions; producing signage, badges, tent cards, and meeting packets; providing audiovisual and recording equipment; providing on-site security for designated exhibit areas; and managing a host of vendors providing an array of services.