Project Description

PSA holds a single-award, contract with the Department of Commerce (DoC) supporting its Commercial Law Development Program (CLDP). CLDP provides commercial law technical assistance and consultative services worldwide to commercial, private sector lawmakers, regulators, judges, lawyers and educators seeking assistance in the evaluation, revision and implementation of their evolving legal systems in support of their economic development goals. We currently deliver turn-key event management and travel coordination services to CLDP. We have executed over 400 task orders, traveling attendees to locations around the world. We have received commendations for the effectiveness of our approach and our team’s fidelity to CLDP’s needs and respecting the detailed process under which they operate. 

Under this contract, PSA provides domestic and international travel support to thousands of conference attendees. This includes many international requirements such as visa support, embassy liaison, itinerary development, 24/7 troubleshooting and support, currency conversion, local transportation assistance, providing evacuation insurance and more. PSA has supported over 400 meetings for CLDP in Washington, D.C., throughout the country, and across the world, serving over 80 countries in total.

PSA coordinates travel and meetings through several linked Smartsheets, which also serve as repositories for meeting documentation. We work with LEMs and local vendors to print materials in-country, realizing the DoC and CLDP significant cost savings versus international shipping. PSA also works with CLDP to deliver important communications to judges, lawyers, economists, and related program personnel regarding events, initiatives, and related subjects. For domestic meetings, PSA’s graphics design team has assisted CLDP program staff in adjusting text and graphic design concepts for meeting materials.